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Last month we took a trip back to New York City. It had been a little over four years since we last visited, and you probably already know how that went. So it’s safe to say we were long overdue for a redo. So much has changed in our lives since that last NYC trip. We’re married now, homeowners now, have another kitty cat, I’m self employed, and I know WAY more about what landed me in the hospital and how to take better care of myself with endometriosis. We were determined to make this visit to the Big Apple better than the last, and even though it wasn’t without its hiccups, we both stayed out of the hospital sooooo yeah I think we pretty much nailed it.


Here are some places we visited:

Central Park: we planned to visit Central Park on our first trip but sadly didn’t make it. So this time we walked allllll through the park, took pictures, tried not to freeze, and really enjoyed it.

Brooklyn Bridge: such a beautiful, historic structure that I finally got to see in person. It was kinda crowded, but worth it.

Mickey True Original Exhibition: This was a temporary exhibition that was done to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary. They had some of Walt’s original Mickey sketches which was so cool to see.

The High Line: Another spot we planned to visit before but didn’t get to. This is where we saw the wedding!

FAO Schwarz: So last time we visited, Stevie bought me a little stuffed horse from FAO, and it actually really comforted me to have it at the hospital (i’m 5 y/o it’s fine). I was away from home and having that little cute floof with me was calming! So we had to go back this time and get another stuffed animal. HAD TO.

Chelsea Market: I don’t think I’d go out of my way to check this place out, but we were already in the area, and it was a fun place to browse, sip coffee, and people watch.

The MoMA: I really enjoyed seeing some big pieces from artists like Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock. Not sure we’d visit again though, kinda pricey and there were only a few pieces we really cared about seeing. Does that make me a bad art student? Oh wellz.

Broadway: Y’all know I love all things Broadway. We saw Waitress, and Sara Bareilles played the lead role. It was heartwarming, hilarious, and all the actors were incredible. I hope it comes to Nashville (again) cause I’d see it twice!

Smalls Jazz Club: Who even are we? Never been to a jazz club before, but I think we did it right by going to Smalls first. It’s a really tiny, crowded club, and we lucked up with seeing Gabrielle Stravelli. She and her quintet were amazing! She’ll actually be in Jackson, TN soon and I’m hoping we can make it.


OKAY onto the food. We ate our way through this city, and I’m still dreaming out some of the yummy food we had!

Here are some restaurants/coffee shops/etc we checked out:

Spot Dessert Bar: I was SO excited when we came across this place. After dinner one night, I wanted dessert like crazy so we started googling and OH MAN did we luck up. We had the campfire marshmallow cookie with ice cream. Can someone please open a Spot in Nashville??

Irving Farm Coffee: We went here multiple times for coffee and breakfast. So tasty.

Grimaldi’s Pizza: We got a ton of pizza recommendations from friends that it was hard to choose where to go. We ended up going to Grimaldi’s because it worked out location wise with our schedule, and it did not disappoint!

Blue Bottle Coffee: Another delicious coffee spot. They gave us pastries for free one night too! My kinda people.

Bluestone Lane: Came across this cafe and it was so good. I tried the matcha latte here (my first matcha ever)!

Gaetana’s: This family owned Italian restaurant is so cozy. We went here on our first trip so we wanted to go back again!

5 Napkin Burger: We ate here before seeing Waitress. Delicious burgers and fries! I thought pizza would be my favorite thing in NYC but it ended up being burgers.


Most of the time we only had our phones to take pictures with, but for the more scenic spots I was sure to bring the DSLR along. We also lost the camera (actually, the whole backpack) for a few hours, and when we realized it we were sprinting around the Village at 11PM in a panic looking for it. (one of those hiccups I mentioned… lolz) But it was right where we accidentally left it so it all worked out. Whew.

Now for the photos, that thankfully weren’t lost:

We had an amazing trip together, from taking pictures to sight seeing to the wonderful food and coffee. Stevie laughed at me but I told him I even enjoyed riding the subway… It’s fun to feel like a New Yorker for a few days! If you’ve been to NYC before, I would love to hear what you enjoy most about it. And if you have any questions, leave them in the comments!




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